Predicts Ukraine Disaster 24 Years Ago

Prophetic: Famous author Eduard Limonov predicts Ukraine disaster 24 years ago  

                   He totally nails it, grisly war crimes and all. 

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In the beginning of the 1990s, at one of the protests concerning Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet, Eduard Limonov made a shocking prophecy that unfortunately came true.

He predicted that tensions concerning discrimination of 12 million Russians living in Ukraine, Crimea, Russian Black Sea Fleet, Donbas, and Kharkov will eventually lead to a major conflict in Ukraine. 


Did Limonov write the Donbass script?

The russian sociologist Igor Eidman said in an exclusive interview to the "GORDON"  (a Ukrainian magazine) how Donbass is now playing out the scenario drafted by EDUARD LIMONOV as long as 20 years ago.

- You have made an interesting discovery, having found exact parallels with today's events in Donbass in Eduard Limonov'sarticle "The Scenario of Armed Conflict" published in 1999 and later included in his book "Anatomy of the Hero". Is it a coincidence or has Putin been realizing a prepared scenario?

– I do not think that Putin has read Limonov and, especially, took his idea. The essence of Limonov’s plan is how to provoke revolution in Russia through the war in Ukraine. It is unlikely that Putin wants it. Today, many accuse Limonov of sings in unison with the government. But it does not mean that Limonov has sold himself to the government, but rather that the power "caught up" with him and matched his old nationalist views. Putin was brainwashed with imperial slops when he was at the Soviet KGB school where he was drummed hatred to the West and to the USA. This national patriotic dust sat down in his brains, but was not revealed for a long time.

With each presidential term, Putin felt more and more self-assured, and now he has decided that his time has come. And it turned out that Putin caught up with Limonov who did not go anywhere and did not change his principles. It turned out that they think by the same categories. But there is a very important point. Limonov directly described war in Ukraine not as an unnatural phenomenon, as a result of provocation. He suggested throwing corpses from mortuaries in a hole, bringing journalists, telling stories about girls killed by "evil Ukrainians" if not crucified boys. That is first to create the picture, and then to adjust the reality. It may be that someone from Putin’s surrounding, for example, Surkov, a famous bibliophile and misanthrope, could have read Limonov and taken his idea, trying to realize it in our time