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Eduard Limonov, threw his pregnant wife !

Eduard Limonov and Ekaterina Volkova

                                                                       June 2008


The leader of the banned National Bolshevik Party of Eduard Limonov, has confirmed its status as an aging playboy. Family life with the actress Yekaterina Volkova not inspired amateur promiscuity, sick for glamorous parties and the society of young girls.


"I do not know that we will continue with Limonov. While we are not divorced. But I have no strength to continue to suffer senile insanity of this man. I'm exhausted, both physically and morally - Katya Volkova said in an interview with the magazine" Star Hit ".

Katya Volkova words were confirmed at the party of the journal Sex in the city, where Limonov emerged, arm in arm with a new companion, said . As practice shows, glamorous revolutionary "Eduard Limonov, is able to seduce women, so it is not excluded that the current girlfriend Limonov not last too long in the mistress of the leader of the National Bolsheviks.

During his life, from Eduard Limonov had many wives and more concubines. "Yes, I do not know what women think about me. What do you want?" You want to talk about my own women? "Well, I've always written about their women, and then they die" - cram Limonov told the magazine "Rolling Stone, "his credo.

The first (civil) Limonov's wife - Anna Moiseyevna Rubinstein - Expressionist painter in the style, hanged herself in 1990 on the strap of a purse. His second wife - Elena Schapova - author of "It's me - Helen." Crowning with Limonov was held in October 1973. Later - the widow of an Italian Count de Carli.

The third wife - now deceased, Natalya Medvedeva, singer, author of the novels "Mom, I love the rogue" and "Hotel California" - Limonov parted with the fall of 1995. Limonov was her fifth husband. Fourth (Civilian) wife - Elizabeth Blaise, Limonov was younger by 30 years, but in the spring of 1998, he threw her for a teenage schoolgirl Natasha. Then, some time lived with a schoolgirl Nastya Lisogor.

Soon Limonov spun done a lot of noise in the political and secular coterie Moscow romance with actress Yekaterina Volkova, which combined legal bonds of marriage. Soon Volkov, who is 30 years younger than her husband, bore him a son. Outwardly, all seemed to be a glamorous revolutionary finally found his happy family life. Soon, however, Volkova became pregnant a second time and between two lovers ran a black cat.

"When Edward found out about my pregnancy, he was shocked. He shouted that I was crazy, packed his bags and left. We are now living separately and a little deal" - says Volkov.

In April this year at a party one of the prestigious glossy magazines pregnant Kate shone with happiness - her face was no trace of emotion. - In the ass revolution! Where's my Jaguar? - Laughed Volkova waiting taxi after the party. - I'm beginning to like a beautiful life! ".

Throw his wife was eight months pregnant - is in the spirit of Eduard Limonov. For supporters of free sexual relations was a stranger to the concept of fidelity and commitment to family. "Promiscuity (free sex" all with all "within the community) is the highest form of sexual hostel. Because sexual satisfaction is not bothersome sin that hard drive out of social life, as a necessary condition for happiness, the exponent of the joys of life, an indicator of its quality.

In a healthy Society must begin no later than sex for 13 years, as already mentioned, and in case of delay should deflower solemnly, on the day of birth ". This is a quotation from the book of Eduard Limonov's "Other Russia", which became a kind of bible for every member of the NBP .


From the perspective of the same sexual comfort, once entered into a marriage, a man and a woman condemned to a lifetime to see the aging face each other and make each other's intimacy in spite of a clear and long to be explained by sexologists and psychologists to the law: sexual attraction is an average of two years. Russian family - how would straitjacket - or rather, are virginity and a woman and a man. Only the joint property of impoverished, mostly flat, and the habit of keep spouses together. And the fear of being alone "- sure Limonov.

By the way, interestingly enough, sexual giddiness Limonov extends to his political activities. Today, with its National bolshevisstkoy party refused to cooperate virtually all political forces. Become a political anecdote and history of the relationship Limonov in the former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov. First, "Limonov's" state official threw eggs, then all of a sudden fell in love with ex-prime minister, believing it the only possible candidate for president from the opposition, and then just as quickly betrayed lover, political anathema.


Today, Eduard Limonov, is considered the right hand of the former chess player Garry Kasparov. But this alliance is unlikely to be eternal. Limonov, Kasparov sympathy to fade at exactly the moment when the leader of the NBP will find a new cartridge - the younger and richer.

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                                                                     Arina Semenova

Vidéo anti-Putin by Limonov supporters.

             Blog : THE POWER VERTICAL    - August, 5   2011

The latest bit of Russian electoral erotica just hit the web courtesy of Eduard Limonov and the Other Russia opposition group.

The video features three young women decked out in tight black minidresses, high heels, and sunglasses stepping out of a late-model Mercedes and entering an apparently abandoned house. As they climb the staircase, they each pull out pistols.

"The level of corruption and theft has exceeded all conceivable limits. If this continues, Russia will soon disappear from the world arena," the female narrator says.   "We believe that Vladimir Putin has discredited himself as a politician and national leader. He must go."

The girls then enter a room and take aim at a row of wooden figurine bears with the inscription: "The party of crooks and thieves."

The narrator then asks: "What are you prepared to do so we have a normal president?"

The women then tear open their dresses to reveal tank tops embroidered with hand grenades -- the symbol of Limonov's banned National Bolshevik Party.