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Limonov: Matriarchy, ISIS, and "Filthy Rich" Trump's Revolution

January 24, 2017 - Fort Russ - 

Eduard LimonovSV Pressa  

translated by J. Arnoldski  

Eduard Limonov is among the most controversial and revered figures in modern Russia.

Widely known for his founding and leadership of the National Bolshevik Party, Limonov is both famous and infamous as a former Soviet dissident-turned-emigre to New York, prolific novelist, and radical political activist.

His semi-poetic columns, such as the one below, are featured regularly by Svobodnaya Pressa, a leading Russian analytical journal.


Everyone was more busy with Clinton than Trump, so that SHE wouldn’t win. 

This utterly false woman was ready to become the president of the United States. This was evident in her greasy smile, her past, and her connections. “We’ve all but had enough of this!”, everyone thought across America and the whole planet.

In a sense, voting against Clinton was an anti-woman choice. All the tales of how women are not bloodthirsty were successfully dispelled by Madame Thatcher, who starved two million English miners and effortlessly rushed into a war over rocky islands off the coast of Argentina. 

“No thanks,” they said in the US, and didn’t elect Clinton. Only her shoe was left on the sidewalk, remember [1]? And her emaciated husband Bill didn’t take his eyes off of Trump’s daughter the whole inauguration. 

He’s probably laying beaten up by his wife now. 

Wonderful! Many breathed a sigh of relief!

But now women’s souls are left with bitterness.

This bitterness was just expressed at the march against Trump by the muscular Madonna. A fifty- or sixty-years-old aunt in girls hat with horns. She agreed to the fact that she wants to “blow up the White House.”

I don’t believe that she is sincere. She comes from the tradition that female stars can do anything. But here comes Republican Congressman Newt Gingrich, and he calls for Madonna to be punished for such a statement: “She is parallel to the young fascists who ran around town breaking windows, all of whom should be given the maximum sentence.” 

Madonna is an old fascist, not a young one.

Feminine fascism has existed for fifty years already and is very widespread in America. Its nest is there. It started with the Hollywood beauties and spineless men, and now it is finishing with aggressive lesbians and the Madonna phenomenon. They even dragged old Angela Davis out to the rally against Trump. I remember her as a young communist.

Women have turned out to be the segment of the population most dissatisfied segment with Trump. It’s as if a womanizer, a lady’s admirer, and an organizer of beauty pageants has become president, but they’re not dancing on the square out of joy, but have come out onto the square with anger.

This is because they’ve realized that there will be no more of all these ingratiations to the ladies, there will no longer be even equality of the sexes favorable to American women. The world will become manly. It is forced to become manly. 

A new element is pushing the inhabitants of our planet towards a manly world, and this is none other than the hellish inferno of the Caliphate where a woman is stranded and subordinated to men. Goodbye busty goddesses, drunken Marilyn Monroe and Madonna; the serious world of suicide bombers and severed heads demands that Europeans and Americans become macho. And they will, or they will perish under radical Islamist sabers.

There will be no more ladies' flatterers, and Trump is the same puppet of History as we all are. 

The ladies have understood correctly: the matriarchy has ended. With Trump has come the patriarchate. The screws are being tightened on women. This will start in America and go all the way to Australia, because there in Australia ladies, women, and females have also taken alarm and come out to protest.

So who is Mr. Trump?

We already know that he is bringing death to the matriarchy, the modern form of matriarchy. 

He’s appointed two ministers - of defense and internal affairs - and both are marine corps generals. Hu-ah! - these kinds of shouts are appropriate here. Please note that these are generals from Obama’s time as well. 

Trump doesn’t have his own party. He figures among the Republicans, but he is not the leader of the Republicans. So he had to drag out the moss-covered generals - yes, Obama’s. There is nothing good in this, because there is nothing new in this. Everything is old. But he promised something new.

He introduced himself as and led the election campaign as a man opposing himself to the establishment. But he’s taken on ministers from the establishment. And there is no “The Other America” party [2]. None.

The anti-establishment president is thus compelled to form a government out of heroes of the establishment. This is fraught, you will agree!

It looks like there will be a wall. I have in mind the wall with Mexico.

There will be no Pacific Partnership. Analysts explain that it was easy for Trump to cancel the Pacific Partnership agreement because it hasn’t been ratified by Congress yet. But what about transatlantic partnership - how will he deal with that? 

He’s started dismantling Obamacare. Piece by piece for now. But will they disassemble it entirely? No one knows. 

Trump is now showing that he is sticking to his pre-election promises. He needs to show this. Will he stick to them all? I think he won’t keep all of them.

But after all, another piece is visible here. He offered voters a program of revolutionary changes for America for the benefit of ordinary people. I’ll underline “ordinary.” In Ancient Rome, they were called “plebs,” plebeians, without negative contempt. But he is simply a billionaire. He is, as the American idiom says, “filthy rich.”

He lives in a mansion on three floors of Trump Tower. Inside, all of these rooms converge similarly as in big Orthodox churches. Gold and red. The gold shines in your eyes.

But he still proposed a revolutionary program. Sooner or later, and sooner rather than later, the discrepancy between his filthy richness, all the gold, couches, and curved furniture on the one hand, and the revolutionary program on the other, will irritate the American rednecks, the American sans-culottes, the plebs. They won’t have enough of Trump. They’ll want an ascetic president. They’ll want exactly this. And they’ll have to get rid of his Melania and boy.

Or here’s what's interesting: his unwillingness to disclose his tax returns. Either he has too much money, or he lost a lot of money and now lives in debt. He is afraid, for one of these reasons, to make his tax files public. If he isn’t afraid, then why is he so stubbornly refusing to disclose them? According to American laws, he can choose not to disclose them. But he’s taken to pandering to the people. So pander: show what you have behind your soul!?

In short, the question is this; here is the thought: Does filthy rich Trump have enough to fulfill his campaign promises to the American sans-culottes, the vatniks [3], the plebs, the rednecks, for long? 

                                                                    Eduard Limonov, SV Pressa 


[1] A reference to the scandalous moment when Hillary Clinton passed out while leaving the 2016 9/11 memorial early. 

[2] Limonov's political party is called "The Other Russia" 

[3] "Vatnik", is a derogatory term used by Ukrainians to deride the largely working-class population of Donbass for their.  

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Limonov to Boris Johnson: Yes, We Would Love to Be a Pariah State – in Your Eyes

The famous Russian writer explains why Russia doesn’t want to find itself on the ash heap of history next to the West

Oct 1, 2016 -   4 hours ago | 560 27 

Originally appeared at Live Journal. Translated by Julia Rakhmetova

The UK Foreign Secretary tried to scare us, saying that our country was in danger of becoming a "pariah nation". 

That’s exactly what we want!

We want to leave and (we are successfully leaving) the ranks of fools, which, strange as it may seem, consists of “civilized” European countries, with their mouths open, greeting the conquest of Europe by migrants. 

You look like Romans of the V century A.D., when the Empire collapsed, when muscular savages settled on its lands, chasing away the Romans, raping their women. We would rather separate from you. 

You look exactly like those coddled, pathetic Romans , and I see a sign on your face that tells me you’re not going live much longer.

Not everyone in Russia wants to become a pariah-nation, but we are the majority. You can die without us.

                                                                                                Eduard Limonov

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Limonov: The West’s War against Russia Is Forever

The only language they'll understand and respect is the language of force - a particularly timely point on the eve of the NATO summit.

Originally appeared at Live Journal. Translated by Julia Rakhmetova


We’ve already realized that there is a global war going on between the West and Russia: in the Donbass and Syria, and via militarist intimidation (NATO’s maneuvers in the Baltic countries - the examples are all around us). They expel us from international sporting contests under the pretext of doping. This goes everywhere – from culture as well, for example by awarding the Nobel Prize to Svetlana Alexievich for her anti-Russia writing.

Before, they were against Soviet power. Now a maniacal imperial state is confronting us with its stubborn delusions of grandeur.

Imagine them all as antediluvian lizards, meat-eating dinosaurs.  

A friendly pack of smaller Anglo-Saxon predators and instigators runs after the US: Great Britain, Canada, Australia are first. Then lizards from Germany, France and the whole brood of small animals in Eastern Europe with incurable inferiority complexes towards Russia, who are the vilest instigators.

These beasts will never forgive us for the annexation of the Crimea, despite the fact that they themselves are blatant aggressors; they can’t stand for us to be braver. The war against us will not last for a long time – it will last forever.  

It’s useless trying to appease them, appealing to reason. We need to stand up and claim non-diplomatic but biblical morality. For example, in the mid-seventies, a militant organization in war-torn Beirut kidnapped four Soviet diplomats. Our government demanded they be returned. In response, they shot one of them and threw the corpse out of the car in front of the Russian Embassy.  

Our government got mad. It captured four relatives of the leaders of this militia, shot them and threw them into a Beirut street, their cut off penises in their mouths. Later in the day, the remaining three Russian diplomats were delivered safe and sound to the USSR Embassy in Beirut.

By the way, I read this story in Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA, 1981-1987” by Bob Woodward, one of the journalists who broke the Watergate story. Back then, Americans admired us.

                                                                        Eduard Limonov


 Comments : 52

"These beasts will never forgive us for the annexation of the Crimea"

This is the phrase in the article that made me cringe. If Limonov uses the same incorrect term as the "West" elites against Russia, why should we give credence to the rest of his arguments, especially since he is advocating for WWIII?   

Whenever I see that line, I always know the writer has a different agenda and I lose all trust in the article. Subliminal messages comes to mind.  

you're mistaken - the translation is inaccurate. he used "присоединение" in Russian, which
is not "annexation" (that would be "аннексия") but rather "rejoining with"

Thank you for pointing that out, as it completely changes my opinion. It is interesting how just one word can change my perception.

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Madeleine Albright:

"Russia Is a Bangladesh With Missiles"  

Madeleine Albright



A withering response by famous Russian writer and left wing activist Eduard Limonov.



This is actually a boorish attempt to insult our country. We need to reply to it in a similar manner rather than give it some credence or any reasonable argument.


 Albright is an ugly old woman with a hook nose who would gain the part of Baba Yaga (in Russian folklore, very old, ugly and wicked witch) without needing to audition. And they would film her without needing any special effects makeup because she is already so ugly. A seriously ugly mug, in short.


Bangladesh is a very beautiful, hot country populated by kind and peaceful dark-skinned people. It is where the Great Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers join together, forming the unique Ganges Delta. Its civilization goes back many thousands of years, while the history of the USA is short and vulgar.


Russia is an ancient, cold country with mysterious origins. Russia suddenly reached the pinnacle of world power without expecting it in 1945. In 1991, the USSR committed suicide, but the tree of Russian life did not die and has grown so strong that it now worries the USA and old Europe. They are shaking in fear, frankly speaking. Russians are simple, incredibly brave and a little naïve, as all great nations used to be.


We will bury you and will cry at your funeral, because we are also a sentimental people.

                                                                                           Eduard Limonov

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Does Trump Have a Cross and a Wooden Stake to Pierce Vampire Hillary’s Flesh?

So far only Bill Clinton was his spouse’s victim, now the whole world is at risk

Originally appeared at Svobodnaya Pressa. Translated by Julia Rakhmetova and Rhod Mackenzie

The author is a famous Russian writer and extreme left wing political activist. Born in 1943, Eduard Limonov emigrated to the United States in 1974 where he spent 6 years before moving to France and then back to Russia in 1991. So the views expressed in this article are not completely alien to Americans.

My mother has been dead for eight years now, and I am evaluating the characters around me as I look at the world with my mother’s eyes. 

When I look at Hillary Clinton I imagine what my mom would say about her. Here’s what she would say: 

“She is a two-faced woman, Eddie! Don’t trust her!”

Faces like Clinton’s can be found here in Russia, a liar who has gained weight, a woman who lies at all times and places, who is not very skillful at at but who still constantly lies, which is why she is so successful.  

I’m guessing that Clinton has never said a true word in her entire life. 

Everyone remembers the story of the White House intern Monica Lewinsky, when Clinton played the role of the victim for the whole world to see. 

Years later, it turned out that the victim was Don Juan Bill, who needed to relax with his intern from his powerful, autocratic spouse. As the staff members of the White House remembered, Hillary beat the poor red-nosed Bill every single evening. 

It’s clear who was wearing the skirt back then, when the whole world sympathized with Hillary.

Now it’s not Bill but Donald Trump, and we’ll see whether she will be able to deal with the red punk the same way she dealt with red-nosed student Bill. She may not.

After Super Tuesday they will face each other: the lying mother-in-law and the insolent lad Trump. 

Who will win?

Will he ride Hillary’s back into the presidency, or will she knock him down, jump on him, beat his red sides with spurs, until he crashes down foaming at the mouth, instead of reaching the White House?   

Caricaturists show them as two runners, but they would be more accurately caricaturized as two riders whipping their steeds.

There’s no point in reciting the numbers they scored in one or another state. There’s tons of information about them, but you should understand what their conflict is about. 

It’s about the furious all-American mother-in-law riding the red pacer, and the red horseman riding the strong mare with balls (I’m not being vulgar, in Russia a strong-willed woman is a ‘mommy with balls’.)

Hillary wants America to remain old, drowning in familiar nightmares. He wants to wake it up. 

These are two spirits: her unbending strength and the endurance of a mare and his superhuman stamina and aggressive sarcasm. When he calls her a ‘Criminal ’, that’s high praise, since he called Marco Rubio a ‘Loser’ and labelled Ted Cruz, who won in his native Texas, a miserable cowboy. 

Cruz and Rubio have the standard power of senators, while the ‘Criminal’ has the mystical power of an American mother-in-law, unbending and poorly accepting defeat. Hillary is an all-American witch, but Trump is a guffawing red bully, a winner who came to the American rodeo not giving a damn about witches.

The media wants us to believe that Trump represents the old power, racist and conservative, a friend of the Ku-Klux Klan, when he represents the totally new power of our apocalyptic times, a vampire slayer at a time when vampires inhabit the United States by morning, as in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn, the main vampire being mother-in-law Hillary. 

With my mom’s eyes I saw fangs from under her well-powdered upper lip. Did you see them? 

Does he have a cross and a wooden stake to pierce her flesh?

Fingers crossed he does.

                                                                       Eduard Limonov

Message to Merkel - Germany Can Never Lecture Russia

Considering 20th century history, Germany's chancellor would do well to keep her mouth shut rather than attack Russia's positions

Originally appeared at LiveJournal. Translated by Julie Rakhmetova and Rhod Mackenzie.

Angela Merkel recently told her Christian Democratic party that she would lift the sanctions imposed on Russia over its role in the Ukraine crisis and its annexation of the Crimea peninsula  “rather today than tomorrow”,  but the decision would have to be based on the facts on the ground.

Frau Merkel, you are not a teacher, you are the head of the country we defeated in May 1945.

That’s a historic fact. We ripped your military to pieces, we reduced your country to dust.  We liberated the death camps you built.

Those are historical facts.  

The United States offered to plough up the ground under Berlin and sow it with weeds – just as the Romans did with Carthage, but Russia opposed this and Berlin is still there, a historical fact.    

Russia allowed the two Germanies to reunite in 1989. I was against that idea, foreseeing even then what you, the reunited Germans, would do:  

In 1990, you airdropped weapons to Croatian separatists, in 1991-1995 the former Yugoslavia was hacked to pieces with your help. Then you took Kosovo from Serbia, and now here we go again, you are shaking hands with Kiev as it destroys Donbass.

And you would preach to us, Angela Merkel?

                                                                         Eduard Limonov

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Trump or Hillary – Who’s the Lesser of Two Evils for Russia?

The author, Eduard Limonov, is a famous Russian writer and extreme left wing political activist.

  This article originally appeared at Izvestia  national daily,  January 18, 2016.

Translated by Julia Rakhmetova and Rhod Mackenzie


As we know on 8th November, 2016 the presidential elections will take place in the most important state on the planet, in the self-centered, haughty and selfish United States of America. 

The elections will be preceded by the Democratic Party primaries in July and the Republican Party primaries that will take place a little later. However it seems even now that the front runners are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, two diametrically opposite types of American politicians, who will eventually fight it out for the Oval Office.  

If that happens, and I tend to believe it will, it will be the opposite to 2009 when a black man was elected (it was a bright, dazzling so-called change, but in fact American values were not affected): on 8th November a Great Battle will take place.

As long as Hillary Clinton is offering to keep America the way it is: the same lie to the world about a struggle for democracy and human rights that is an offer to continue as a villain whose powers of world dominance even Hitler would envy. 

The Clintoness, as I call her, is in my opinion an extremely unpleasant creature. Mother, grandmother, a true American tyosha (mother-in-law, bitch or shviger in Yiddish) – with the iron jaws of a locust and spacious cheeks of a predatory squirrel.

She will be confronted by a man of approximately the same age, an all-American bad boy of 69, the cynical sheriff or dirty policeman (as in Clint Eastwood playing  Dirty Harry).

Trump has called the USA “a dumping ground  for Mexicans”, and said  that if he becomes  president he will build a wall at the Mexican border. It’s clear that Trump is not courting Latinos. He has made them angry, they won’t vote for him. Nor will Muslims, since Trump proposes to ban them from entering the US until they have been properly vetted . “These people only believe in jihad. They don’t need or want our system”.

So, who will vote for Trump? White working class Americans, those square people (as described by the hippies), or rednecks (who in Russian would be a “vatnik” as Ukrainians call us), who hate the tan Obama.  Not the New England Brahmins, the American aristocrats, the Kennedy's and the Clintons, who support Obama’s policy of favoring ethnic and sexual minorities. 

The rednecks and the squares have dreamt of having their own president who will end this policy of ‘political correctness’.  

The dirty policeman will square off against the true American tyosha. We Russians should understand that whoever is elected there is no point expecting a Russian-friendly policy either from Clinton or Trump.

But we would choose Trump since he recognizes that Russians are strong, as shown in his  respect for Russia in the person of Putin. Remember his statement: “If  Putin bombs ISIS to pieces let him do it. It’s unwise and unreasonable to demand from him not to do it”. As well as his famous: “Of course Crimea belongs to Russia, who else to?” Moreover recently Trump accused Obama and Clinton of creating the “Islamic State”.

Let’s compare these two statements of Trump with those of the Clintoness concerning Russia and Putin: “Like many other hooligans he will take as much as possible until you stop him”. The Clintoness holds the traditional position: the United States of America is the ultimate overlord of our planet and Russia is like a hooligan trying to change the unipolar world to a multipolar one.

Trump is ready to move a little. He says that America has had enough of playing the world gendarme, with its heavy price. It’s time to face American's domestic problems.  That is also why Trump is closer to Russia: he’s just as reactionary as we are.

I freaking love it that he’s not a liberal and says it like it is. 

                                                                          Eduard Limonov

                                                                                             Izvestia, January 18,2016


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Published in Izvestia (Russia) on 5 August 2015 by Eduard Limonov [link to original]


     The Mentality of Our Opponents


I suggest we begin with a metaphor.

The United States resembles a chess player playing on multiple chessboards simultaneously. One of the chessboards is Afghanistan, another, Iraq, one more chessboard is Serbia, the next one is Syria, and another here is the Ukrainian chessboard.

The buff chess player comes up to one of the chessboards, thinks for a moment, and strikes a blow with cruise missiles. The player comes up to another chessboard and strikes again. The United States is at war with the entire world simultaneously.

Here is another metaphor about United States (because one metaphor is not enough to understand such an undoubtedly powerful country).

The United States has a mentality of a prison guard.

What are this country’s motives?

If you are tall and strong (such as the United States), you want to remain tall and strong forever. You also closely watch the physical shape of the others, in our context, countries.

The United States’ usual reason for aggression is the other country’s good shape and its confident attitude. Every prison guard on the planet cannot stand bold characters, in this case bold countries.

It is worth remembering how the United States’ claim to being the world’s only prison guard began. It is August 1990. The Soviet Union still exists, but it is already clear that no one is left to seize the United States by the arm or by the lapels to stop it. We were eliminated.

Iraq, which has become a rather powerful regional country in the Middle East, makes a bold move: Saddam brings the troops to Kuwait and reunites Kuwait with Iraq. (Kuwait was a part of Iraq until 1961; they share the same language. However, the West got interested in Kuwait because of its oil supply and the country was separated.)

Instantly, the U.S. lights up with the opportunity to put its power on display. It is the first time in the officially still bipolar world.

To justify the invasion, the U.S. hires public relations agency Hill and Knowlton. The agency finds an allegedly Kuwaiti nurse, a 15-year-old girl, who testifies before Congress. She testifies that she allegedly saw Iraqi soldiers detaching newborns from oxygen tanks in a Kuwaiti birthing center. Supposedly, tens of babies died. It is a blatant lie. The 15-year-old bogus witness is the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.N. and has not been to her home country for many years. Later, CBS news exposes the lie.

But what is done is done.

George H.W. Bush cites the false testimony eight times and sends troops to Kuwait and Iraq. Saddam is defeated during the first invasion. In the second war, as you remember, the United States lied that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was destroyed, Saddam was hanged, and weapons of mass destruction were never found.

Since 1991 (the year of the USSR’s suicide), the U.S. had been treating Russia encouragingly, because our country showed the global prison guard the respect it craved. Occasionally, Russia would behave like an admiring fan and do anything she was asked to do.

This type of relationship—vassal-like for Russia and pleasant for the U.S.—ended in the spring of 2014, when Russia, guided by national interests, reunited with Crimea.

The affectionate relationship immediately came to an end. The United States began bullying us, so to speak, acting unfriendly. You know what they are doing along our borders in Ukraine and in the Baltics.

Europe is also on the map. Europe is different.

There is old world Europe - France, Germany, Italy, Spain. There are smaller countries, such as Austria, which are also part of the old world. For centuries, they have been engaging in relations with Russia, at various times becoming our allies or opponents.

This explains why Europe’s mentality toward Russia is that of a neighbor - not a prison guard - who is wary of us but who realizes that they have to somehow coexist with us. We are wary of them as well. The attitude of Germany is understandably harsher. After all, we defeated their country and occupied it for a long time. With such a background, love is out of the question. Generally speaking, love between countries is impossible and unnecessary.

I purposefully omitted the United Kingdom.

While undoubtedly a part of old world Europe, Britain’s mentality is unlike Europe and Britain belongs to a group of Anglo-Saxon countries, relatives of the United States. Such countries include Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom itself, all of which have turned into satellites of the United States. Their support for their buff leader is unconditional. The United Kingdom stands out in this group as the most aggressive one. It brings to mind the Falklands War with Argentina in 1982, fought over rock islands near the Argentine shore, not British shores. The British participate in all U.S. wars.

At the beginning, countries of old world Europe, together with the U.S. and its relatives, enthusiastically supported Ukraine in its conflict with us, but currently the situation has been changing.

Suddenly, the countries of old world Europe want to double check their position.

Recently, Crimea received a visit from a delegation of French parliamentarians, led by Thierry Mariani. Italians are going to Crimea, deputies from the Five Star Movement, as are senators from the Northern League. Even Germans from the Left Party are going in October.

PACE*** is active. Crimea will receive a visit from the deputy chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Marton Dёndёshi, and from the head of the socialist group in PACE, Andrea Gross.

But there is a new Europe.

It is Eastern Europe, which consists of small territories size-wise and population-wise, (considering the scale of Russia, they are region-like states) the former republics of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, as well as countries of the former Warsaw Pact.

There is no need to list all of them, but Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland (the biggest), Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Albania, Kosovo come to mind.

With their historical inferiority complex toward Russia, which one way or another has been dominating relations for the last 300 years, the new Europeans have created an unpleasant and high-pitched unbalance in European policy leaning toward Russophobia. For its part, the U.S., obsessed with superiority and preoccupied with maintaining its superiority, gladly uses Eastern European countries to justify attacks on Russia and the cold war against us, which is supposedly on the brink of becoming an actual conflict.

The U.S. sends the small-timers to bully us, to provoke a fight, and the small-timers are doing just that.

Eastern European countries are exaggerating their fear of Russian aggression, which lets the United States flex its muscles and pretend to be preparing for a war against us.

Being the brutal prison guard that it is, the U.S. is sensible. For more than 60 years it has not had any particular desire to engage in a war, even against a small North Korea.

This was a brief outline of the mentality of our opponents.

                                                                       Eduard Limonov

                                                                                        Izvestia (Russia) on 5 August 2015

***Editor’s note: PACE is an acronym for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.


Translated from Russian by Julia Pashkovskaya. Edited by Helaine Schweitzer
Posted on August 27, 2015.

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Translated by Kristina Rus  

Writer and politician Eduard Limonov — about why the current migration to Europe in its consequences can be compared to 9/11

After September 11, 2001 the world changed for the worse.
Clearly we saw that it has changed at the airports. Passenger screening has become a routine as two drops of water resembling prison frisks. You’ve all been through it yourself. Therefore I will not try to describe for you the obvious.

Roughly speaking, the world has become less democratic. In response to the tragedy of 9/11 there is a lot more police and elements of totalitarianism. Everywhere: in the United States, and the old, but careless Europe.

USA in order to punish someone for the crime of 9/11, invaded Afghanistan, which nestled peacefully in its not particularly pugnacious version of the middle ages, under the pretext that Afghanistan is sheltering Bin Laden, and that this Saudi troublemaker organized the terrorist attacks in New York. I personally think that Bin Laden, the conceited leader of Al-Qaida simply took credit for the biggest terrorist act in history.

We all lived the last 14 years in the atmosphere of decreasing freedoms, and the elements of non-freedom that are very similar to practices from the book of George Orwell’s “1984” are increasingly rooted in our lives. Not yet fascism, but a special kind of totalitarianism — from fear, of course — but it doesn’t make it easier.

To compensate the citizens for limited political freedoms and implementation of prison practices, Europe and the United States began suspiciously emphasizing the secondary rights of the individual.

I relate the epidemic of sweet love of the European governments and heads of the United States to same-sex love, same-sex marriages, slobbering humanitarian gestures like swinging the rights of the disabled and adoption of sick and foreign children, etc. — you can continue the list — in particular with the tightening of political life in the West and the increase of police powers.

This is how we made it to the recent years. 2013, 2014 and 2015 brought us new surprises. And still will. Europe is faced with a choice: either become militantly nationalist with elements of Nazism and fascism, or be changed beyond recognition. The problem of invasion of migrants to Europe — is the most terrible challenge to Europe in its history.

What is the situation?

As a result of the predatory policy of the USA and Europe the statehood of several important countries was blown  to hell. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya — now finishing off Syria – were attacked by the West. The so-called “human rights” wars, the armed conflicts waged by the West, were and remain aggressions, only clothed in modern human-rights garments that hide their cannibalistic essence. Africa is destabilized, directly or indirectly, the clashes between “Good” and “Evil” in several African countries — Mali, the most glaring example – destroyed their statehood as well.

Ukraine broke its statehood seemingly by itself, but wasn’t it encouraged by the Americans, the Poles, the Dutch, the Germans, the Finns, the French, the Balts, speaking to Ukrainians on Maidan? So the number of destroyed states is joined by Ukraine. Europeans and the Yankees systematically pit Maidan against Russia. Interestingly, now when Russia is not a Communist country and not Soviet, we are hated with the same zeal, therefore it has become clear, I hope, that anti-communism and anti-sovietism were only a camouflage for their russophobia.

It is clear that the peoples and tribes fled from their devastated areas.

And where to run?

The U.S. shores are far away, the fragile boats cannot make it across the ocean.

And from the ravaged coast of Libya the Italian island of Lampedusa is a stones throw away. And Greece is close.

No matter how sinister, clever, and rich is ISIS, however, it can not afford to arrange the exodus of an untold number of refugees. I do not support the hypothesis that the fiends of hell organised and delivered hundreds of thousands of refugees to Europe. It’s not ISIS.

And that most barbarians flocking to Europe are young men, I see a simple pattern: just men are in better physical shape than women and children, they can overcome the difficulties and sufferings of the journey beyond the three seas to the rich Europe, into her heart — rich Germany.

Which of them run away from the war, others from ruin and poverty, which are the consequences of war, is difficult to sort out. And the biggest Professor at the Sorbonne cannot sort this out. Both are true.

You, Europeans and Americans, have stirred up the anthill by kicking it with your boots, so what do you want? Don’t complain, don’t creak, it’s your fault! In order for the migrants not to flock to you, you must create for them unbearable conditions. But you will not do that. Well, not because you’re kind, you’re not kind, but your image of “well-wishers” is important, who just wiped their hands from the blood of citizens of the states shattered to pieces.

As on September 9, 2001, migrants (footage from the train station in Budapest is striking and strong, because this is the Middle East, Asia and Africa in photos and video, not Europe) will change the world beyond recognition. Already changing.

Either there will be another religion, black eyes and dark skin. God save us from accusations of racism (just in case), but the citizens of Germany will resemble the citizens of the Middle East. Or there will be fascist and racist states, hiding behind barbed wire, walls and machine guns. There is no third option.

In Russia, I learned today, there are 2.5 million refugees from Ukraine (or rather, 2 503 680 people), but they can not be distinguished from Russians. So assimilation is not threatening us. We will have the same eyes, same skin, the same religion. We will not have a problem of adaptation of Ukrainians. We happened to be in a better position than the unfortunate Europe, doomed to disappear in the form in which it existed for half a millennium.

I care. I would prefer old Europe. But if another option is impossible and Europe is hostile to Russia, let it disappear.

And last.

The process of self-destruction of the West is already irreversible. As Gorbachev used to say, “the process started”.

We watched the process of self-destruction of the USSR. Now it’s Europe’s turn. To each its own.

                                                                                                          Eduard Limonov

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Izvestia 12.09.2015